Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heraldry of Quindia

I always loved the heraldry from the old Greyhawk folio and Harn books. I've had rough designs for Quindia for a long time but I just recently managed to sit down and work up professional versions...

The arms with mantles are the major nations of Quindia. The three small shields at the top are for city states. The remaining shields are famous knightly orders from various nations. The Order Infernus (dedicated to the Elemental Lord Kakatal), Checkered Shield, and Order of the Wall are all from Bronet, the Knights Griffon and Knights Panther from Goland, the Slayers Brotherhood are based in Modria, the Order of Malice (dedicated to Dartilla) and Shattered Lance are from Beelzia, and Doomfall from Sazir.

Of course there are many more coats of arms, but these represent the ones that most citizens of Quindia would recognize. This was a fun project and if I get the chance I'll work up some of the major noble houses from across the realm.

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