Friday, May 3, 2013

The Red Slashers

From my notes...

The kobolds of Pheba are split into a dozen tribes, held together by Meerak, and iron-willed warlord of unusual size and cunning. His elite guard, the Reavers of Meerak, are spread throughout the kobold empire to act as shock troops in battle and as enforcers in peace. The guard are fanatically loyal and well equipped, armed often with poisoned weapons!

The Lute of Harmonious Order has not fared well. It was not viewed as great treasure and was cast to one of the lesser tribes - The Red Slashers. The magic has preserved the artifact, but it has been dismantled my the industrious little monsters to more evenly divide it among the tribe:

1. The neck and headstock will appear first, rudely wielded as a weapon by the leader of the first band of kobolds the party meets.
2. The body has been added to a unit as a drum.
3. The golden tuning keys and two golden strings adorn the tribal shaman.
4. The third golden string is wrapped around the haft of the chieftain's mace.
5. The fourth and final golden string is in the purse of a Reaver.
6. The emerald, fashioned as a single arrow and set into the body, has been removed and heaped witht he rest of the tribe's treasure - mostly copper and silver coins mixed with silks, some pewter and bronze statuettes, and a Cloak of Displacement.

The Slashers are a small tribe, some 300 warriors strong. At the present time, roughly one-third of the tribe is deployed with Meerak's forces on the border of the Iron League. Those left are organized into packs of 15-30 warriors. In addition there are the chieftain's bodyguard numbering 20 (1HD monsters) and the detachment of Reavers of Meerak numbering 13 (2HD monsters).

At any one time, one unit will be deployed at the lookout post (though discipline is lax and only about half of the expected number actually show up for this duty). One unit will be ranging on patrol, one unit bolster's the chieftain's guard, and one guards the slaves at the stockade or in their duties. Most of the slaves are normal folk, captured in raids on caravans and will run away if given the chance. However one is an elven Fighter 2nd named Dilanius and he will fight with with the party if given a weapon.

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