Monday, May 6, 2013

The Fall of Memnoch the Damned

I don't have a huge amount of notes on the session involving the attack on the kobold lair. I do remember that the fighters had been having lots of success using the the AD&D rule that allowed fighters one attack per level against monsters with less than one hit die (i.e. kobolds) and they opted initially for a frontal attack! Things were going well until Memnoch decided to break away from the party and head toward the chieftain and ran into a pack of ONE HIT DICE monsters, humbling him back to a single attack per round. The rest of the PC's were tied up and couldn't reach him. Memnoch did manage to kill the leader, but he was pulled down under and avalanche of angry kobolds. The NPC Loopika died as well.

The rest of the session was a running battle. The characters reached the dubious security of the lair and managed to face down smaller groups after that. Resistance was still fierce until the Shaman was killed as well. With discipline poor at best, the loss of the leaders took most of the fight out of the tribe and the monsters scattered. The Reavers actually went to loot the tribe's treasure rather than pursue such obviously dangerous foes. The heroes managed to recover all of the parts of the lute except for the emerald arrow and they were forced to pursue the Reavers for a day to recover it.

Returning to the lair, they found it deserted. Aware that the kobolds would return with reinforcements, they gathered up Memnoch's body and retreated to the mountains. With no guide and no boat, they knew they faced a difficult journey and had no way to carry Memnoch back to civilization. Strom knew the funerary customs of the Midga involved burning the corpse of a fallen warrior with his weapons and those of his foes so they preformed the rites as best they could and then buried the bones in a hastily constructed cairn.

The Tomb of Memnoch the Damned is marked on the Quindia map...

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