Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why would we need 300' of rope?

Having defeated the Blue Clerics and rescued Ghul D'Khat, the heroes continued their search for the antique dealer who last possessed the Lute of Harmonious Order. They found the shop after some heavy bribes... er, contributions... paid to officials at the Merchant Guild, only to discover that the fine instrument had been sold to a collector in Crowyn of Westmarch. They further learned that the caravan transporting the lute had been overrun and all hands killed by kobolds. All of the goods were no doubt in the clutches of these evil creatures...

Not trusting to their map, the PC's searched for a guide to lead them into the land of the kobolds. A man named Loopika accepts their patronage and advises them the best way to reach the heart of the region is by boat since the 'little buggers don't swim'. He goes to ready his small craft and the characters go shopping to gather supplies for the journey. At one point, there is a disagreement about how much rope to purchase. I kept a decent account of encumbrance back then and someone was concerned about the weight.

"Why would we need 300' of rope?"

Exactly who said what has been lost over the course of time (maybe one of the players remembers?), but the debate would come back up later...

Here are my session plans for the game...

I - The PC's hire a guide.
II - On Mirror Lake, the PC's ship is attacked by agents of Chaos who seek to end their journey. After the encounter, on of the characters will find a gem on the leader. This is one of a pair of Scrying Jewels and with the proper command word it enables the individual to employ clairvoyance, connecting it to the possessor of the second gem (the second gem is in the possession of the unnamed Lamia encountered in an earlier session).
III - Chaos Storm
IV - The PC's run into a kobold patrol and discover that the leader of the monsters was wielding the neck of the Lute of Harmonious Order as a club! Evidently, the kobolds disassembled the treasure to divide it among more of their band... this was going to be even more difficult than they first realized! Luckily, the fragment of the instrument seems undamaged. Loopika will recognize the trappings of the patrol as members of the Red Slashers.

Here are my notes for Loopika...

Loopika - Human Cleric 6th/Thief 3rd
S - 10   I - 12   W - 17   D - 16   C - 10   CH - 13
HP - 28            AC - 3                AL - CN
Loopika is a Cleric of Kakatal and a former thief (dual class). His thieving days ended when he lost his left hand to the Axe of Justice in Shem. Shortly after, he claims to have been given a vision by the Elemental Lord Kakatal and he became a cleric of the god. He straps a shield to his left arm in battle and wields a Flail +2 named Molidamon (Loopika caller her Molly). The weapon acts as a Ring of Fire Resistance and once per week the bearer may cast Flamestrike as a 6th level Cleric.

Loopika is slightly mad, often speaking to an unseen adviser or chuckling quietly to himself, but he is a shrewd haggler and experienced traveler. He speaks the trade tongue, Feron, Modri, Dwarven, Kobold, and Thieves' Cant.

Loopika retains the skills earned as a Thief, but may not use these abilities in armor. The priest of Kakatal wears a fine, light shirt of mail which glints out from beneath layers of colorful cotton and silk. If he is expecting trouble a helm wrapped with a green sash will be donned, but otherwise he wears a shapeless hat of red felt.

The attack on Mirror Lake was by a ship crewed by Chaos Goblins (the same as regular goblins with purely cosmetic mutations or attacks that simply duplicated their normal weapons) led by a Chaos Dwarven Fighter 6th and a pair of Chaos Thug Fighters 2nd (I was heavy into Warhammer Fantasy at the time apparently). Strom must have rolled a '1' during the fight because I recorded 'Sword -1' above his name on the HP sheet (see my critical miss rules here). Sadly, I have no idea what 'Chaos Storm' meant, but it evidently destroyed the boat. The group was forced from their chosen landing and forced aground at the face of a 300' cliff...

They scaled the cliff in short sections - Ghul D'Khat and Schmee free climbing and securing the rope at various intervals for the group to ascend. Actually, this is the way it's done in real life, but we all grew up on the coast and had no climbing experience beyond trees! In any case, even to this day, every member of the party has rope when setting out into the wilderness.


  1. My opinion of the rope incident was nothing to do with weight- it was just a silly thing sending Jim's arcturan to the store to buy gear. He simply went down the list in the PHB and was getting a ton of duplicate items. Maybe the 300ft of rope was because a 50ft length costs 4sp and he was avoiding doing math.

    In early AD&D there were 20 silver pieces in each gold piece. So he bought 300ft, so he didn't have to convert the money. I remember a lot more of the list- we needed a pack mule, lol. He bought tons of stuff.

    The thing that I remember most is being stranded next to a cliff after the encounter with the goblins. And asking how far up is? You literally looked down at your notes as if you actually had it written down and said, "300ft." It was awesome because at the time I totally believed it was in the adventure.

  2. Good write up on Loopika too. I had forgotten him until reading this. I think his flail hand was inspired by a Savage Sword of Conan we had.