Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Vault

Here are the notes from my original plans for the campaign...

Book of Infinite Dreams - an artifact of Law
Margloom - a Sword of Chaos
A Ring of Quindia - an artifact of The Balance

Excavation in a nearby mine has unearthed a vault sealed centuries ago. it will trigger the awakening of the Book of Infinite Dreams, causing poets and bards to go mad and bringing nightmares to life. Strom, possessed of some skill but not a true bard yet, will have a dream of the Hunters of Omeer - the next day the savage elves attack the village of Larani.

Over the next week, other nightmares come to life: Mashabak's Nine and Gatha...

For now the stories are illusions (though deadly all the same), but in time the influence will grow and the nightmares will grow more palpable. The Nine of Mashabak will someday turn victims to stone permanently and Gatha will lay waste to the town. Daylight won't save them and the harm will be real. The book's power will grow and spread until it encompasses all of Quindia (the last part is false - the Book's power probably won't extend beyond Modria). The artifact was designed to record history through the thoughts and dreams of those nearby, but it became corrupted and it was sealed away centuries ago by the elves.

Malachai the Cyclops is an agent of Dartilla and he knows that Margloom lies in the Vault with the Book of Infinite Dreams. The Vault is warded and can only be opened by the Song of Heward preformed on an Instrument of Law. The song has been long lost and a bard with the skill to control an artifact is rare. However he knows that the Lute of Harmonious Order is rumored to be in Shem. He approaches the PCs as an ally and reveals the secret of the wards (though not his true alliance or ultimate goal). While they recover the lute, he will research the song...

Part One - The Lute of Harmonious Order was in Shem, but it was sold to a collector in Westmarch. The caravan was attacked by kobolds beyond the Bridge of Skulls and the lute was carried off to their lair.

Part Two - The Song of Heward has been lost even to the elves, but there is still one place on Quindia  where one might find any song or poem ever preformed on Quindia... Rai Aquim, the City of Song. The place lies in ruin in the Plain of Towers, but the magic designed to store this knowledge has proven more powerful than the stones built to house it.

Part Three - Caddun Thera is a bard of legendary skill and an Agent of Law, but he has forsaken all audiences and become a hermit in isolation in the Troll Lands...

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  1. It is still funny to me that Malachai was a villain. He had such a small little role in the beginning of the campaign. I never even suspected he was more than the mysterious stranger who sent us on our way.