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The famous city of the dwarves... A prosperous town of 30,000 dwarves and men built of strong , inc. stone stands against the cliffs of the Dragon Mountains. But a stone causeway climbs the cliff to the true realm of the dwarves - soaring halls carved from the heart of the mountain. Other dwarven holds are scattered through the Dragon Mountains, but do not approach the grandeur of Marzabul!

Here are my notes from the third adventure...

The dwarves are hospitable to the adventurers, but will be guarded about 'secret' routes through the mountains if asked directly. Their presence will also be noted by Nagli, an ambassador of the Iron League. He is friendly and jovial, but will report the presence of strangers to Irongate Keep as a matter of course. It will take a week or so for Nagli to learn that the characters may be connected with the ambush of a patrol... the return message pointedly asks if one of the party might be blue...

During the week, the PCs have a chance to uncover a spy among the Iron League delegation who seeks information on various dwarven mining prospects for Iron League mines around Mirror Lake. A dwarven member of the mining council is murdered by the spy the day after the PCs arrive. They spy will attempt to implicate the PCs.

If the PCs can remain out of dwarven dungeons and uncover the plot, their reward will be a map with one of the secret passages through the mountains. However, they still need to escape before arrest orders are requested by Nagli! The PC's will be given the use of a sturdy barge the dwarves use to ply the underground waterways below the Dragon Mountains. They are set on a course with a warning... the river will lead them to a valley on the far side, but there is one fork on the route. The right passage runs true... the ending of the left passage is unknown.

They are also cautioned to be wary of the scattered settlements around Mirror Lake for most will be mining camps and the Iron League mines are jealously guarded.

A few notes. At this time, I didn't envision the town outside of the caves so all of the action took place in the underground dwarven city. Again, this was the whole adventure prep! I don't have any memory of the session beyond the fact that the game opened with a wandering monster encounter that resulted in a bulette that ate the PCs horses and most of their gear beyond what they carried. They also managed to learn about the secret waterway because their next adventure led them into the underdark...

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