Sunday, April 21, 2013

D&D Character Sheet Contest

I have always designed my own character sheets. When WotC announced the contest I decided to work up an entry.

Now my preference would be the return of the AD&D 1st edition style sheets, with the bottom third of the sheet being tailored to each class, and I might do that for my own use. However the rules of the contest state that the sheet must accommodate all of the current classes and part of the judging is based on flexibility so for now I've kept things simple. The concept behind this design was to avoid filling the sheet with lots of useless boxes. Why waste space for spell progressions for a fighter or rogue? There is no need for a big box for racial traits if you are playing a human. If feats are optional, why designate a space on the sheet?

This design harkens back to the Basic D&D sheets. Even better, it is similar to the sheets we used to use, hand written on notebook paper! It also caters to the way my group plays the game. For instance, we don't track hit points on our character sheet. The DM has a roster and handles that. For D&D Next hit dice we'll use poker chips or some other form of counters. For those who DO want to use the sheet to track such things, there is plenty of room on the bottom third of the page!

I don't expect to win - I think the general preference is for busy work sheet styles, but I appreciate the chance to submit something. I am amazed by the number of people bitching about WotC trying to 'trick' designers into doing their work for free. I would have designed the sheet for myself anyway. If the thing actually ends up in the D&D Next PHB, that's all the payment I'd need (and yes, I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer and I normally get paid for my work, but the chance to possibly at least influence the design of the sheet is all I want out of the contest).

Anyway... Design submitted and we'll see how it goes!

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