Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Hunters of Omeer

As mentioned previously, the Hunters of Omeer are savage elves from the primordial jungles that cling to the northern reaches of Quindia. Many of the drawings I am going to post are around 20 years old. While my skills have progressed beyond the level shown here, I find they have a certain amount of charm.

I appear to have underestimated the extent of my game preparation as I found a second page for the first adventure! I've made no attempt to correct the grammar or embellish the descriptions...

Six savage elves of Omeer, draped in leopard skins and armored in crocodile hide (AC7), burst in through the front door and windows of the tavern. They are armed with spears and clawed gauntlets and one holds the leashes of a pair of leopards in jeweled collars. Each hunter's face is covered by an intricate helm of bone trimmed in exotic feathers. The huntmaster wields a whip braided with thorns from the poisonous janus vine...

The witches may turn a victim to stone of at least three grasp hands (save vs Petrification). They fight with kris daggers in melee. Their weakness is a medallion worn by the leader of the coven and destrustion of this medallion will render them sightless.

Three-headed rat demon rampaging through the streets. Besides strength and ferocity, the demon posses the following powers: Darkenss, 15' R (3/day), Cause Fear (1/day), Wall of Fire (1/day), and Telekinesis, up to 300lbs. (at will).

The PCs were roughly third level at the start of the campaign as was my normal practice in AD&D back then. I'm sure the elves and leopards were standard from the MM minus the exotic trappings, but I have no notes on the the stats for the other monsters.

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