Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Place to Organize My Stuff...

I am in the process of digitizing all of the notebooks, sketches, and maps that I've created over the last few decades for the Realm of Quindia. If you've just stumbled on the site, you can see that I don't make it a habit to post here often! I hope this will change going forward, but it may be a bit of an unusual blog in the fact that it's not going to be maintained to draw tons of traffic, but more as a place for me to store all of the stuff I've accumulated. Some posts will be scans of old maps or other hand written scraps of paper, while others will be transcriptions of my ramblings. There may be contradictory information about people or places and will reflect how my concept of these things changed as the world developed.

I'm going to kick this off with the first scrap I ever wrote down for the launch of the best campaign I've ever run...

This humble scrap of paper launched the careers of Strom Coldsteel and Ghul D'Khat - the equivalent of Tenser and Robilar of Greyhawk or Elminister and Drizzt Do'Urden of the Forgotten Realms. These characters are iconic to the Realm of Quindia. They were joined by Memnoch the Damned (the bounty hunter mentioned above), who fell against a swarm of Kobolds and was later replaced by the third of my iconic characters, Carmon Diablo. These characters have survived numerous campaigns and reached the rare AD&D 'name' levels. We have returned to use them many times and in various incarnations as the editions have changed. They are famous across the realm and though they now have agents of their own to send on foolish adventures, they still take the field when the challenge seems great enough! I have great plans to revisit these PCs when D&D Next becomes D&D Now...

Back to the above scrap... that was how I used to write adventures. That was it. Monster stat blocks were often created on the fly or scrawled in an equally brief format. I really hope D&D Next continues down the path they've started and simple monster stat blocks return.

The Hunters of Omeer were savage elves in painted masks and leopard pelts from the dark jungles of the north. Mashabak's Nine were crones in tattered hoods with the ability to fire rays of flesh to stone (AD&D was dangerous) if three of them linked hands! They were blind without the leader's medallion to guide their actions. Gathra was a giant three-headed rat demon... I think I have a drawing of it somewhere... All of these creatures were actually powerful illusions pulled from the nightmares of the people of Larani by the Book of Infinite Dreams, but they had the power to kill those who believed the manifestations to be real (virtually everyone in Larani at this point).

Malachai the Cyclops was the mysterious patron of the PCs at this time, thought by most to be a wizard, though events later would prove to reveal him as an enemy... The Book of Infinite Dreams had somehow become active after centuries of being sealed away in a vault. Malachai could use his power to temporarily mask the effects of the artifact, but to stop it completely the book would need to be closed. Opening the vault required three keys - an Instrument of Law called the Lute of Harmonious Order, a lost song, and a bard with the power to master the lute. The campaign sent the PCs across the entire continent and beyond to the Abyss and later the city of Sigil!

Anyway, this is the sort of posts I'll be making in the future. I'll follow this with any other scraps of info I have on these earlier adventures, hopefully in order, as well as NPC notes, maps, drawings etc. I will also intersperse more modern musings on Quindia with the goal of getting everything online.

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