Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old School Hack

I have just discovered a game called Old School Hack which won an Ennie this year for the best free RPG. You can read all about it by following the link. To me, the only thing missing from the game is the halfling. The author has his reasons and has substituted the goblin instead, but I just have to have the option for the furry-footed little folk if I ever intend to run this. Fortunately, these rules are easy to modify and there are suggestions both by the author and on the forum on how to go about this. Here is my first attempt, reskinning some of the powers from the goblin, using the Impressive Catering Talent created by Zartes and presented on the OSH Forum. The inherent and limitation qualities and equipment are my own, culled from other material available...

Click on the pic for a full-sized version. The sheet is, of course, a copy of Kirin's design. When printing, select 'center to page' and it should slip right in among the 'official' character class sheets!

Thanks to Kirin Robinson for a wonderful game and a distraction from the rut I've been when it comes to RPG's.


  1. Excellent! Glad to finally see my favorite race in OSH (though I want to see it officially part of it)!

  2. Just found OSH the other day. My favorite thing was the allocation of cool points. Really gives the players a reason to stay involved. I have played one official game so far w/ the other players leaving for smoke breaks, and texting during there characters down time.