Thursday, April 14, 2011

"I Flip the Table!"

The first 1d20 attack roll ever made by my friend Tom in his first game was to attempt to overturn a table on a pair of brigands who were trying to pick a fight with his elven companion in the Inn of the Welcome Wench in the village of Hommlet. Of course there were no rules for this in AD&D, but as the DM I simply decided an unmodified attack roll against the brigands' AC would hit - the roll was a miss so we moved on...

Today on the WotC site there is an article on 'Terrain Powers' which give creative players (or DM's) an opportunity to add a bit of random chaos to a typical encounter...

Encounter Terrain
A stout oak table sits unattended.
Move (Heroic)/Minor (Paragon and Epic)
Check: Athletics check (hard DC) to overturn the table.
Success: You overturn the table.
Target: Each creature on the table
Effect: A target must make an Acrobatics check (moderate) or fall prone in a random unoccupied space adjacent to the table. The table grants cover.
One of the strengths of 4E is the ability to model things like this with little more effort than it took me to rule on same action in AD&D. Other terrain powers from the article include Banister, Bar Top, Hearth, and Rug, which may make for a very dynamic bar fight!


  1. The words 'very dynamic bar fight' reminds me more of our ranger Issac who drew both swords against the citizenry of Jum.

  2. Strom did the same thing in a bar in Shem...