Friday, March 25, 2011

Strom Coldsteel

...They can say what they will. They're my friends. That's why they joke about it. I don't mind, I'm a survivor first, a hero second. There are places I don't want to go and things I don't want to fight. For my part, there's rationalization, but the truth is I have a desire to grow happily into old age.

Yes, I'm an adventurer, but I'm a planner... a schemer. I try to think my way through things. It was easier when we were young. We just did what had to be done and at the time there was no one else. Trek across half the continent and find three keys to open a cosmic library? No problem. It was easier then... there's more on the line these days.

Strom Coldsteel epitomizes the soldier-scholar. He is renowned in Frodo as a loremaster, but earned fame in the realm with his sword. His studies have brought him acceptance in the Bardic Order of Quindia and revealed their art of arcane spellcraft. He sometimes spends days in dusty libraries, poring over ancient, ungainly tomes for facts or formulas to further his research.

Strom is a tall, handsome young man of Modri decent with stark white hair trimmed close to his skull and dark eyes that reveal a wisdom beyond his twenty-eight years. The color of his hair is the result of an adventure that he won’t speak of. His family and friends remember unruly locks the color of the pale golden grass that dominates the savannas of Modria. He has taken to dressing in layered robes, the fashion of scholars in far away Gornath, but a clever eye will note that the cut allows him freedom of movement and the exotic green steel bastard sword always ready at his hip. When planning for battle, Strom dons a breastplate and light helm, apparently made from the same mysterious metal. On his left hand are two plain rings, one of copper and the other of gold. Those close to him know these to be two of the fabled Rings of Quindia, but the knowledge is held in close confidence. It doesn’t do to advertise the possession of such artifacts.

Strom is a quiet, but friendly man. He is unpredictable and often prefers to observe events, allowing them to play themselves out unless action is obviously needed (there is a story involving Carmon Diablo, a burly Midga nomad, and the latter’s mischievous wife...). Strom resorts to battle as a last resort, but is a dangerous foe with sword or spell and will rarely give quarter when forced to that extreme.

Strom Coldsteel is one of the heroes who completed the Quest of Three Keys and secured the Book of Infinite Dreams before it's power consumed all of Quindia. He was also responsible for saving the city of Frodo (along with Ghul D’Khat, Carmon Diablo, and Scartan), by preventing agents of Chaos from awakening the power of Dartilla’s Chalice in the heart of the city.

Strom is a native of the city of Frodo and still lives there. He purchased the armory from old Andrus where he apprenticed as a youth and now the Coldsteel Forge is known for the finest armor to be had in the north. Although Andrus still runs the day-to-day operation of the workshop, Strom himself is now accounted as a master of the craft, spends a portion of his (limited) free time lending a hand or working on some personal project. If he’s not in the city, then it’s a good bet he’ll be found in the village of Fortune to the north. Strom has founded an Adventures’ Guild and the organization’s headquarters lies just south of the small settlement. If he’s not there? He could be anywhere. He has been known to travel great distances for answers to questions he seeks and of late his interest in the Planes has been growing. It wouldn’t be the first time Strom Coldsteel has been seen in the City of Doors...

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