Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ghul D'Khat

Standing out in Quindia where people are used to unsual sights is no mean feat, but Ghul D'Khat has a distinct advantage... he's blue. Ghul D'Khat is an Arcturan. That's right, one of the spacemen. A vessel from another star - some argue another plane, but we'll not settle that controversy here - crashed on Quindia. It took some time to make the craft operational again and when it was ready to depart, some of the crew chose to stay - or were left behind, again conjecture for another time. The "colonists" were subjected to some kind of spell of forgetfulness that caused them to loose the secret knowledge of their people and left to fend for themselves on their new home.

While there are few sages who are confident they are experts on Arcturans, most would have to agree that Ghul D'Khat is the largest specimen of the race on the planet. He is well over 300 pounds, but moves with a grace that belies his bulk. He is famous in the northern part of the realm and there are few there that will willingly cross blades with him. It is rumored that he is the finest swordsman in all of Quindia. Ghul is bald except for a long, white top-knot and wears a neatly trimmed goatee. His clothes are of the newest style and tailored to a perfect fit by a clever seamstress in Frodo. When travelling, he normally adopts plainer garb with an emense dark cloak and a pair of well worn boots. Arcturans are normally loners, but Ghul is outgoing and friendly and has contacts in both high and low social circles in Frodo.

Ghul D'Khat carries a pair of swords, long and short, at all times, and often augments these arms with a pair of pistols. He has a disturbing fascination with these powder weapons and normally discharges both before closing with a foe. Ghul D'Khat's long sword is a Chaos weapon named Gloomryng and was actually sold to him by an agent of Balo the Jester. The weapon has several special abilities and a fine sense of humor.

Ghul D'Khat is one of the heroes who completed the Quest of Three Keys and secured the Book of Infinite Dreams before it's power consumed all of Quindia - they were also instrumental in allowing Malachi the Cyclops to obtain the Black Sword of Xaotic, but we'll forgive that. The Quest of Three required the heroes to open The Vault. This ancient dungeon was created to hold three items, one of Law, one of Chaos, and one of the Balance (the heroes only knew of the item of Law - the Book). The key to the vault required a Bard of Law to play the lost Spell of Opening on the Lute of Harmonious Order. The challenge of the heroes was to assemble all three and the adventure would carry them across Quindia and beyond (see Campaigns for more information). Ghul D'Khat (along with Strom Coldsteel, Carmon Diablo, and Scartan) also averted disaster in Frodo by stopping the forces of Chaos from unleashing the power of Dartilla's Chalice in the heart of the city.

Ghul D'Khat may be encountered anywhere on Quindia (or even Sigil, the City of Doors), but most often in Frodo or the village of Fortune that lies north of the city. He holds the title of Ambassador to the Elves of Omeer in Frodo, but the post has become largely one of title only since the announcement of the wedding of Govenor Ratheric and the elven Queen in exile.

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