Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carmon Diablo

If one moves in the circles of high society in Frodo, chances are they have met Carmon Diablo. Despite the fact that he dances poorly - he has little interest in the art beyond the basics needed for social gatherings - women wait in line for their turn to be seen with him. He has a rakish smile and a confidant swagger that combine with his well-tailored clothes to create the image of a cultured rogue. Most dismiss him as a harmless dandy who had some luck as an adventurer and settled down to tend the small temple he constructed to Tyche, the Goddess of Luck. They couldn't be more wrong...

It is well known that Carmon was one of the heroes who undertook the Quest of Three Keys and saved the north from the strange powers of the Book of Infinite Dreams. It was this deed that won him the grant of land from the governor of Frodo where the village of Fortune now lies. Fortune grew around the temple that Carmon constructed on the land. What is not known, is that Carmon Diablo runs one of the greatest spy networks in the north and seems to have knowledge of many things that transpire in Modria. This network sprang from an initial intent to monitor threats to the Balance. Carmon learned of the peril Quindia faces should the secret war between Law and Chaos have a victor.

Carmon Diablo is a tall, handsome man with shoulder length brown hair and dark eyes. Although he often plays the buffon, he is a man of great subtlety who's eyes miss little that transpires around him.

He is normally armed with a staff - although he usually carries a pair of bolas or net concealed in a belt pouch - and will attempt to defend himself with spells before lowering himself to physical combat. He carries the Staff of Tyche and owns a second magical staff, a Staff of Striking, that he will carry slung on his back if he is expecting trouble.

Carmon may usually be found in Frodo, but not necessarily always in the Palace Ward. He has often been seen carousing with Ghul D'Khat (slumming if you ask Carmon) in other quarters of the city, including the decadent Foreign Quarter. Strom Coldsteel is another close friend and Carmon has provided help in establishing Strom's Adventurers' Guild in Fortune. If he's not in Frodo, chances are he will be tending to his duties in Fortune. He rarely travels these days, relying on his network for news of the north... of course, he may want to check on some reports personally...

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