Thursday, June 3, 2010


Tezlan is Quindia's patron of adventurers. He is particularly popular among spellcasters. He appears in most instances as a wizened mage behind a pair of dark, round-rimmed spectacles. His cheerful nature and eager tone seem intoxicatingly pleasant. He is not above answering questions or providing aid to adventurers who find themselves trapped in the planes, usually requesting a small service or favor. He may always be contacted through his agent in Sigil, an enigma named Quark the Key who collects and sells information regarding the innumerable portals and their keys that lie scattered throughout the City of Doors.

Tezlan is a fairly recent addition to the pantheon of Quindia. His followers claim he was once a powerful wizard named Penate Tesler whose research discovered an artifact, the Key of Godhood. It was fragmented and pieces were scattered over all of the Realm of Quindia. Tezlan hired and assisted the pirate Zorono and his band in recovering all of the pieces. Tezlan used the key to become a god and Zorono became a king.

As the years passed Tezlan became more myth than fact, but the clerics of the order pass down the story. Since no one has seen Zorono for many years it leads credence to the fact that this is all probably legend. But Tezlan does exist in the pantheon of Quindia and from time to time tales of his benevolence reach the public. Although there are few temples to the Patron of Adventurers, there are many roadside shrines (and they are often found on the borderlands of civilization and near known "dungeons"). These are tended by wandering priests and visited by those about to embark on a journey.

Tezlan will aid adventurers if he can and more often than not he is extremely generous. While he does not take an active role in trying to assert his influence on Quindia, he is allied with the Balance and might intervene if the covert war between Law and Chaos get out of hand.

Written by Dennis Harrison

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