Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Red Castle

The mysterious Red Castle sits high atop a rocky crag, reached only by a narrow stone causeway which is in turn guarded by a crumbling gatehouse. The castle was built more than two hundred years ago by a mad wizard named Addlecroft. He retired from a rather successful career as an adventurer and built the fortress to serve as a sanctuary to continue his magical research. Cellars and catacombs were constructed deep in the earth and a natural series of caverns was discovered that ran to untold depths. The carefully chosen location proved more than adequate for defense, but Addlecroft soon learned that the towering spire of rock lacked the space he needed to expand his laboratories (the caves being considered unsuitable for the storage of experiments and the like).

Undaunted, he devised a series of gates that led to pocket dimensions that would serve his needs admirably. The locations were carefully mapped and the castle effectively became limitless in it's size. Only the wizard knew the full scope of his domain...

Two hundred years ago, the mad wizard vanished without a trace. Some say he traveled to the planes and will someday return to reclaim his castle, but some believe he became trapped in his own dungeons and must have surely perished after all this time. Without Addlecroft's constant attention, the gates began to break down. Some led to random levels while others failed to work at all. Monsters of the Underdark invaded the lower caverns. Many of the staff fled and the physical levels of the castle began to deteriorate...

Now the upper works are a shabby ruin. Though most of the walls still stand, many rooms lack roofs and the glass from most of the windows is long gone. A few of the folk who once dwelt with Addlecroft remain here and live in the main keep and a few others have come since the mad wizard's departure, creating a hamlet of sorts within it's walls, complete with a tavern, trader, and provisioner. Adventurer's from across Quindia and beyond travel to the Red Castle to explore it's secrets and search for the wizard's lost treasures. Many who enter the dungeons are never seen again, including the infamous Zorono the Pirate. The outer gatehouse that guards the causeway is in better condition for an enterprising party of grim dwarves repaired the structure and controls access to the ruins. Residents of the keep and other common folk are allowed to come and go as they please, but adventurers are charged a toll to enter and a tax on goods found in the ruins to leave. The dwarves also serve as defenders of castle, protecting it from bands of marauding Midga and combating the more overt attempts by the the denizen of the dungeons to wrest control of the upper works.
The Red Castle is Quindia's mega-dungeon. As most projects of this kind, the full extent of the castle has never been mapped and only a small portion of the place has been explored by players. I'm hoping to run a campaign here in the future using the AD&D rules and as my players discover the wonders of the place, I'll reveal more on the blog.


  1. I'll have to make a Ranger for this game, it always was my favorite class even before the Drizzt thing.

  2. Not exactly sure what I'd play. Our first game ever Clarence and I were henchmen of Zorono basically. I'd love to grab my nameless human fighter who entered the Red Castle over 30 years ago and has been lost ever since.

  3. He'd probably be insane after wandering around the Red Castle for 30 years...