Monday, June 21, 2010

Miniature Monday

There are a lot of real gems in the WotC line of plastic minis. Often the paint jobs leave much to be desired, but when you repaint them, you find there are some very good sculpts in the collection. My biggest gripe with WotC minis would be a complete lack of consistency in scale and style. Models from later releases suffer from scale creep, dwarfing similar creatures from earlier sets so the two groups look ridiculous if fielded together. The humanoids (especially the bugbears) have it the worst. I am in the process of slowly collecting Otherworld humanoids to replace models in my existing collection, but the iconic D&D monsters are still extremely well served by WotC.

Here is one of my favorite WotC models, painted in the color scheme of the gentlebeing from the first edition DMG by Dave Trampier...

That's it for this week....

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