Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Permanent Character Record Sheets

You may have noticed nearly all of the blogs I follow are old school/basic/AD&D. Even though I'm running 4th edition D&D, my heart is with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons crowd. One of these days I'm going to talk my players into ROLLING characters again and run a campaign using only the 1st edition PHB, DMG, and MM... ok and maybe the Fiend Folio because there were a lot of really weird things in there that appeared in some of my old games.

Anyway, one of the things I try to do with my shiny modern games is sneak in as much nostalgia as I can. One of the accessories I loved from AD&D was the Permanent Character Record Sheet. The concept of starting at first level,  recording all of your adventures on the forms, and then being able to flip through the tome years later would be great. Neither I nor my players ever did that (though I have every DM sheet I used to record hit points for the PCs and monsters for at least three of my campaigns), but I still thought it would be great. I love designing character sheets (why do the 'official' ones always seem to suck?) so when 4e came out I sat down to design a version of the Permanent Character Record Sheet for my first campaign.

The first four pages make up the main part of the sheet that formed a folder in the original product. Unless you want to go all out and have these printed at a professional shop to make the folder, you can simply print them on card stock, front and back. They are off set to allow them to be three-hole punched (just noticed the edges of the page are invisible so the off set may not be apparent in these images, but if you print them using a default setting they will line up correctly).

The next two sheets make up the 'blue' sheets that came inside the Permanent Character Record Sheets and were for players to record the details of their adventures. Again they are meant to be printed front and back on blue card stock and three-hole punched to mimic the original.

I bind my my Permanent Character Record Sheets in slim line three ring binders and often include items such as maps, appropriate pages from the PHB (like the race and class pages of the PC), and blank paper for notes, etc. These sheets also assume the use of cards for powers, although there is room on one of the sheets to record which powers the character has.

We still haven't used this in my campaign, though Tom did fill out a few of the adventure sheets for his first 4e character... unfortunately I killed him a few weeks in and I haven't seen anyone attempt to use the sheets since.

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