Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miniature Monday

One of the regular items I plan to feature is my collection of D&D miniatures. I've been painting models for longer than I've been playing D&D (best not to dwell on the actual number of years any more). If there seems to be any interest, I'll talk about painting techniques, but for now I plan to include a new photo from my collection every Monday (and yes I know the first one posted on Tuesday).

My collection ranges from 70's era Heritage and Grenadier miniatures to today's Otherworld, Reaper, and WotC. This first shot is of the PCs (Reaper) of my current campaign facing off against everybody's favorite evil minion orcs (Otherworld)...

Not every photo will be an action composition, but I had this from my campaign intro and though it was a good shot to start out! The minis are arrayed on my treasured Dwarven Forge cavern set.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly those Reaper miniatures are awesome. I have to admit growing up with the old stuff, then switching to Warhammer games forever, it is nice that a company is making D&D miniatures with this amount of detail and size (lol, both of the barbarians are massive).