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Law, Chaos, and the Balance

The battle between Law and Chaos rages on a thousand worlds across the multiverse, with the Balance poised above the conflict trying to keep either from total domination. Most worlds have succumbed to the anarchy of Chaos or the stagnation of Law, but there are a few, like Quindia, where the battle continues...

The Lords of Law
The civilized nations of Quindia view the White Lords, as they are sometimes called, as deities of moral righteousness, representing order and stability. However, if the Lords of Law were ever to gain domination of Quindia, they would impose total order: perfection, stability, and structure which would cause humanity to devolve into stagnation and loose their identity.

The sacred number of Law is three and this is represented by a perfect triangle. This signifies the trinity of the chief among the Lords of Law: Donblas the Justicemaker, Arkyn the Meticulous, and Goldar the Profiteer. These deities account for 90% of the worshipers of Law on Quindia and Temples of Law usually revere all three. Marsus the Blade was the patron of Quool. There are lesser lords and demi-gods, but their followings are small.

The symbol of the Lords of Law is a single arrow, usually pointing toward the sky.

Donblas the Justice Maker - Judges, law makers, warriors, and paladins
Arkyn the Meticulous - Alchemists and mathematicians
Goldar the Profiteer - Bankers, merchants, and profiteers
Marsus the Blade - Soldiers and disciplinarians

The Lords of Chaos
Most view the worship of Chaos and the Black Lords as evil and churches are outlawed in many nations. It is true that if Chaos ever won the battle, the world would descend into madness and mutation, but Chaos also promises individual freedom and power.

The sacred number of Chaos is eight and is the traditional number of Lords in the pantheon. In reality, there are dozens of lesser deities and demons that claim to be among the Eight and boast temples of their own! On Quindia, the most influential are Dartilla, Maashbak, Pyaray, Narjhan, and Balo the Jester. Balo in particular has taken an interest in the affairs of Quindia, often intervening to frustrate the plots of other Lords of Chaos. Arioch and Xiombarg have temples in Beelzia, but they are seen as minor powers on Quindia. Note that I've only listed five that have had direct influence in adventures I've run so you could add your favorite Lord of Chaos to this list.

The symbol of the Lords of Chaos consists of eight arrows radiating from a central point.

Dartilla, Maiden of Pain - Sorcerers and necromancers
Maashbak - Warriors and assassins
Pyaray - Sailors
Narjhan - Beggars
Balo the Jester - The insane

The Lords of the Balance
The Grey Lords are mysterious and rarely worshiped among the people of Quindia (who know not their peril should either Law or Chaos win the struggle for their world). Three who have known temples on Quindia are Cylock, Tyche, and Tyr.

Cylock, Maiden of Gears - Engineers, mathematicians, and astronomers
Tyche - Seekers of good fortune
Tyr, Lord of Swords - Professional soldiers and mercenaries

Quindia was created thirty years ago when these many of these powers were featured in the Deities and Demigods book. This concept comes, of course, from the Elric saga created by Michael Moorcock and so is only described briefly.

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