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The Kingdom of Modria

Modria is a wide, flat country of golden savanna, broken by small groves of stunted trees and tumbled boulders. It is dry and hot. and much of the land claimed by the state is wilderness, with the population clustered along the road that leads from the fortress of Irongate to the capital city of Frodo. Most of the citizens make their living as textile farmers, harvesting cotton, silk, and pipeweed. The southern part of the country is settled by herdsmen, while settlements that brave the shadow of the Jungles of Omeer survive through forestry. Some of the finest furniture in the realm is made in Frodo.

     Modria was once a vassal state of Gornath. Agents of the Steward collected taxes from the citizens, but the running of the country was left to an appointed governor. The last governor was Ratheric the Fifth, nephew of the Steward. The young noble was effectively exiled to the post to remove him from the political equation in Gornath. With the collapse of the power of Zorono's empire, Ratheric took a crown with the support of his people and declared Modria to be a sovereign state. He is energetic and popular and takes his job very seriously. His chief concern continues to be the savage Midga tribes to the southeast.

Life and Society: The people of Modria are hardy, simple folk that value honesty and hard work. Many of the common folk never travel more than a few miles from the places they were born. Most make their living as herdsmen or textile farmers. The country has known war for generations and the farmers are ready to drop their plowshares and take up swords if necessary. Even small communities usually have fences and/or ditches around them, and the gates that allow entry are locked after dark. This is as much for protection against the predators of the plains and the denizen of the Omeer as it is to ward off bandits or humanoid marauders.

Major Geographical Features: The western plains are mostly wilderness, home to roaming herds of Zebra and Giraffe, as well as the small prides of lions that hunt them. Gnoll warbands often raid settlements that border on these plains, coming from the mountains or the western expanse of Omeer.

Melorn Lake is a deep, freshwater lake. The Slo River is wide and deep and is Modria's passage to the sea.

Sites of Interest: Frodo is the capital city of Modria and as unlike the countryside as night to day. It is an old city, founded in 250MR, and built up over the years to a bustling metropolis. The streets are crowded with travelers from all over the realm. Until the arrival of Governor Ratheric, the thieves' guild held the town and plied their trade with impunity. The Governor brought in a band of mercenaries to bolster the militia and they began an open war against the guild. In a few months, it was over, ending with an assault on the guild headquarters and the death of the guildmaster.

The town has a significant population of Midga among the lower classes and with the recent revival of hostilities between the nations, tensions are high in the poorer neighborhoods. Clashes in the streets are common despite the efforts of the king's troops to quell such actions.

A dozen warships of the Elves of Omeer lie at anchor just north of the city of Frodo. They claimed to be exiles of their lands, defeated by treachery and forced to flee for their lives. Their queen lives in the king's palace with her entourage.

Fortune is a small village that grew around a temple of Tyche, founded by Carmon Diablo in 929MR. It is also the location of Strom Coldsteel's Adventurers' Guild and the infamous Ghul D'Khat has a "country home" here.

Wobblerock is a community of halflings, or hobbits as they name themselves. The finest pipeweed in all of Quindia comes from their feilds.

The Vault was a dungeon built to house several artifacts including one of the fabled Rings of Quindia, however the artifacts were removed by the heroes Strom Coldsteel, Ghul D'Khat, and Carmon Diablo in the course of a quest which saved the north from descent into chaos where dreams (and nightmares) met reality.

Plots and Rumors: Shortly after the arrival of the elven queen, King Ratheric made room for her and her entourage in the palace and a romance seems to have developed. The young king recently announced their plans to be wed. Whispers in the streets claim that he has been bewitched by this savage queen. No reaction from Gornath has yet reached Frodo.

The guildmaster of the thieves' guild isn't dead. He was badly wounded, but both he and his chief lieutenant escaped and are in hiding in a nearby village.

Imports: Books, glassware, mercenaries, spices, weapons

Exports: Carpets, cheese, cloth, fine furniture, fruit, livestock, nuts, pipeweed, rugs, silk, silver

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  1. Carmon Diablo Has been sharing his time and bed with one of the Queens handmaidens in hopes of getting a better understanding of the Queens motivations. It's tough work but somebody needs to do it.