Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Adventurers' Guild of Fortune

In the town of Fortune lies Coldsteel Forge. This large smithy specializes in weapons and armor, but it sprawls on and on, a web of stone workshops that radiate from a central tower. The shelves are full of general provisions for sale ranging from mundane to gear specifically designed for dungeon delving. Besides the forges, the complex hosts an impressive library, stables, and even a trained healer. This is also the headquarters of the Adventurers’ Guild of Fortune.

     Strom Coldsteel spent his life as an adventurer. He started his semi-retirement by establishing a career as an armorer. Within a few months he was assailed by would be heroes and heels seeking information, tips, and training. Fortune was barely a village at the time. It began as a small temple to Tyche. King Ratheric of Modria had provided the land to Carmon Diablo for his service to the crown. His companions Ghul D’Khat and Strom had followed him there. As news of the famous residents reached outlying areas it became a magnet for people seeking out their own glory by plying the trade built on sword and spell. Things in Fortune never quite got out of hand, but the Adventurers’ Guild was formed to bring some structure to what was going on.

Joining the guild permits members access to the facilities of Coldsteel forge. The base of operations for these junior members provides them access to wealth of knowledge, equipment, and contacts. They in turn pay a tithe in return to the organization, but it is a fair rate by any measure. The guild is not too structured to adopt a flat fee assessed to every individual regardless of circumstances, but it does not allow people absolute freedom either. The final say falls to Strom Coldsteel who tries to maintain a certain balance. The guild as an organization remains above actual political motivations and polarizing moral issues to serve all of its members equally.

The Adventures’ Guild has become a spot where individuals seeking out specialized agents can find exactly what they are looking for. It is where you head in the north if you are interested in finding someone to handle delicate work or gather some muscle for a dangerous job. Arcane spell casters are common among the ranks, so even magical aid and equipment are available for a fee. Porters and exotic livestock are able to be arranged; even harvested corpses of rare creatures can be located here. Above all the guild serves as a community for the people involved in these trades. It is a location where the primary goal is to promote the craft. It is a place where story meets legend and heroes share a pull of Modrian pipeweed.

(Written by my brother, Dennis, aka Strom Coldsteel)


  1. Rumor has it that Coldsteel has a Doppelganger that occasionally fills in for him when work takes him away for a while. It is not wise to let your enemies know your comings and goings and Coldsteel has enimies!

  2. Don't believe everything you read.